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I would advise your finred to not pay the pharmacy any sum they've already received from the insurance co. and submit a copy of the insurance EOB that verifies the insurance payment along with the bills he's been receiving send those back to the pharmacy as payment in full (unless he does actually owe $$$ above the insurance allowable). Every bill he sends back to the pharmacy, he should include a cover letter with a cc: to the insurance company the state attorney general. Granted,they may not do anything just as they've stated, but they need to continue to be informed. If other patients are doing the same, perhaps the volume of mail complaints will eventually warrant their involvement. In the meantime, if you have a local investigative newspaper reporter or local TV station that tracks reports such local fraud, he could give them a call. The pharmacy probably wouldn't like such publicity and would hopefully cease desist their unethical behavior. In the meantime, your finred should not pay one dime he doesn't owe. If your finred is on Medicare or Medicaid (for people with disabilities), then fraud is a very serious transgression. Check the website on how to go about reporting it. That will send shivers down the pharmacy's pill boxes!



Merci Jim , ce n est que

Merci Jim ,

ce n est que maintenant que je vois ce superbe dessin ...

j'suis pas encore remise de la Saint Nicolas ...


Merci JIm pour ce cadeaux !

Merci JIm pour ce cadeaux !

AFSED Association Française des Syndromes d'Ehlers Danlos

Je la trouve énorme, bravo à

Je la trouve énorme, bravo à Jim !!